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Lauren Choi Official


Joining the Lauren Choi Official team is a game-changer for life insurance agents. Our supportive environment, top-notch training, and access to valuable resources ensure agents thrive. With a focus on ethics and customer satisfaction, joining us means aligning with a winning team committed to your success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your career and achieve your goals with us.


new career?

The majority of our agents come to us without any prior experience in the insurance industry. We prioritize guiding these new agents along a clear, straightforward path that has been proven to facilitate obtaining licensure and assisting their first client promptly. Our approach includes unparalleled support and contemporary training aimed at generating leads, attracting clients, and establishing scalable systems.

experienced agent?

Each month, we welcome seasoned agents who were previously licensed with other firms and are seeking greater opportunities within our team. For agents experienced in the industry but not achieving their desired income, we offer personalized online coaching sessions to enhance your productivity and leadership skills. Our extensive array of strategies covers personal branding, online presence, marketing techniques, and proven systems for substantial growth, all of which we are eager to share with you.


Top Producer?

Are you currently excelling as a Top Producer elsewhere? Allow us to demonstrate how reallocating a portion of your personal contracts to secure a larger override on your agency could significantly boost your earnings. As numerous top producers gravitate towards our company, our aim is to propel your business to new heights by harnessing the collective strength of our team and the potency of our brand. Whether your objective is expanding your client base or fortifying the residual agency/team aspect, our mission is to enhance your income while minimizing time and stress.

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